Instructor Testimonial

Since Jennie became my teacher I have been able to achieve so many dreams. My horse, who I love, is a hard horse to ride, especially trying to get him over a jump. Just two sessions in and we where jumping courses which I never thought my horse was capable off.


The amount  of effort she puts in to help you and your horse archive your potential is amazing. She never gave up on me and my boy, I can't praise Jennie enough, if you want a teacher who will bring out the best in you, it's her! 

Livery - The service is excellent the team truly care about you and your horses. The stables are exceptional and the arena is just something else .This is not a normal livery yard they are a 5* livery yard. If you need a team and facilities who will work hard  to help you horse achieve your goals this is the yard. Everyone  is so kind and professional but it just feels like a big family



Instructor Testimonial and Livery Testimonial

I’ve been to JK equestrian a few times now, having seen it pop up on my Facebook newsfeed a couple of times through friends of friends. My first outing was accompanying my mum for a lesson on her mare. When we arrived it was a lovely atmosphere. So warm and welcoming! 
I have since returned on a number of occasions with my boy and had some private lessons with Jen. I’ve had many instructors and attended many clinics previously with my boy and as always I get super anxious with new instructors. Jen was amazing. Calming and really took notice of everything, I didn’t feel rushed or uncomfortable in anything that we did. I’ve finished all my lessons feeling super confident about what we have achieved. If you are looking for an instructor who’s all about perfecting the approach, technique and exit then look no further! Jen has been amazing and has left me feeling really informed about each of my lessons so that I can take it home and progress without hesitation. 

More so, the facilities at JK Equestrian are brilliant! Lovely family run yard with a very welcoming feel. Beautiful arena surface with views to die for!! Well maintained and clearly treasured. I have found myself a new instructor that is fab for me and my horse, and to top it off, at a gorgeous venue right on my doorstep!! 

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Instructor Testimonial

Jen from JK Equestrian is seriously one of the best instructors about! Whether you are only trotting around over poles on the floor or competing at the top level.  Her commitment is next to nothing, no matter the weather -as our last training session proved- , time of day or problem she is always ready to help.  Over the last year or so Jen has helped improve both the confidence of myself and my boy Otis, with her brilliant facilities we are now able to jump round a course of fillers! This may not seem like much to some but Otis takes a massive dislike to them which always leads to faults in the ring.   As well as lessons JK Equestrian also offer arena hire-which is awesome as their courses change weekly, livery and there is also regular clinics and opportunities for riding clubs/teams to book!  I would definitely recommend JK equestrian to anyone looking to improve.

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Instructor Testimonial

JK Equestrian is one of my top training venues. I absolutely love the set up, the arena, the showjumps, and more importantly the atmosphere. You will always be greeted with the most friendly welcome. The team at JK Equestrian are full of support from the moment you arrive.  Jennie is an incredible coach, who is empathetic but firm - the perfect mix. Jennie is full of encouragement and pushes you to be the best you can be.


I really enjoy my training sessions with Jennie, me and my pony always have fun and I always come away feeling that I have achieved something, not matter how big or small. This sport is tough, but training venues like JK Equestrian and coaches like Jennie make it a whole lot easier to enjoy your horse and improve along the way



Instructor Testimonial

Jennie has fantastic facilities for flatwork, pole work and show jumping. Her ménage can comfortably hold a full course of jumps with space around it. It is perfect for practicing over some spooky filers and has an excellent all weather surface.  Every time I go to have a lesson with Jennie, I know both me and my horse will come back beaming with joy. She has given me so much confidence I have been able to go out competing again after a break of 6 years. I would highly recommend to novice or experienced riders having a lesson with Jennie particularly if you want a confidence boost. She is very attentive to what the needs of the horse and rider are. I always look forward to my next visit.



Instructor Testimonial

Jennie is amazing, couldn’t recommend anybody more encouraging, helpful and lovely! Facilities are amazing,

I’ve been quite a few times now and it’s never fails to impress me. Would recommend to anybody!



Instructor Testimonial

Jennie is so very talented in many ways, with an amazing ability to "read" horse's and their riders she knows what they need. The horses' she works with become better athletes. She gives them confidence by training them without fear, they always end up giving her the extra mile. They just seem to trust her and know that she will not them down.

Jennie teaches them both  by showing them with as much repetition as they need so that they can accomplish in a happy way, the horse is allowed to explore all of the possibilities and are quite proud of what they can do once the realize it.

Jennie is patient and firm at the same time, knowing how hard to push them at all times.
Jennie is open minded and is always willing to learn and teach  new things, she will always go the extra mile for anyone who believes in her and is willing to learn in and out of their comfort zones.  

JK Equestrian facilities are second to none and are always willing to accommodate in anyway they can , being a family run home and business they always welcome everybody to feel welcome and relaxed



Instructor Testimonial

I started looking for a working livery when my back injury flared up again a month ago, and I found Jennie at JK equestrian.

When I went to look, I was instantly taken with how clean and spacious the yard was and how much Jennie and her team look after the horses in their yard. 

After I dropped her off, I had regular updates on my girl and when I came to visit I was very impressed with how much she had been taken care of. 

I was especially happy that Jennie had all areas of my girl checked before progressing to ridden work, feet, back and saddle check. This gave me confidence that the welfare of my horse was more important than quick progress. 

I’m very much looking forward to the future weeks and I’m so glad that I chose Jennie and JK equestrian! 



Instructor Testimonial

Jennie is a fantastic coach who will coax more out of you than you thought possible. She is both encouraging and supportive. The facilities at JK equestrian are fabulous, the surface is lovely for flat work and jumping alike with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. 
There’s plenty of onsite parking and seating for accompanying spectators. 
Also I’d highly recommend their baking which is available on clinic days! 



Instructor Testimonial

I absolutely love hiring JK Equestrian to run my clinics.  A beautiful 60x30 arena provides ample space for individual or group sessions on the best surface underfoot!  Not to mention the most stunning scenery of Northamptonshire countryside as your backdrop.  You are spoilt for choice with an abundant of poles wings fillers to choose from! Clients have always got good things to say about this venue.  Jennie is always a pleasure to communicate with, making booking her facilities easy and hassle free. I highly recommend



Instructor Testimonial

My 15 year old daughter and I love going to JK Equestrian. The facilities are fantastic, large all weather school, a huge variety of jumps all within a picturesque, spacious environment. My daughter has attended clinics and individual lessons with Jenni for the last 18 months on her old pony and is now building confidence on her new horse. Jenni’s expertise, encouraging and friendly approach has made her a popular choice - with the added advantage of access to a loo and a cup of tea! I would thoroughly recommend Jenni to anyone of any level looking to improve both their horse and as a rider and to have fun! 



Instructor Testimonial

It was over a year ago now that we first went to JK Equestrian for a jumping lesson. My daughter had lost her confidence and needed a boost so she could start to enjoy competing again. Jennie was so kind and welcoming and despite a very shy pupil, she made massive progress, jumping bigger and scarier jumps than we had envisaged. Many lessons later and I too tried Jennie’s patience with my own horse - I was not disappointed and came away beaming! Beautiful facilities, warm and welcoming environment - what’s not to like?! - 



Instructor Testimonial

JK Equestrian is the perfect showjump training  facility for everyone. The huge variety of jumps, set up differently every time we go and well prepared arena is always appreciated. JK Equestrian is very friendly and welcoming



Instructor Testimonial

Jennie and the wonderful Sharpes family make myself and my 9 year old daughter feel so welcome at Steepleton lodge farm.   The genuine care and warm welcome we receive when visiting the yard is so humbling and the facilities are 5 stars plus!   We often sit and watch Jennie teaching lessons. Jennie is knowledgable, confident and safe in her teaching methods and will push you to get to where you need to be with your riding techniques.   My daughter absolutely adores Jennie and she really is such a role model with her work ethic



Instructor Testimonial

Thank you to JK Eqestrian. 
Great facilities and great course set up. My girls and I love going there after school for a jump. Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome. 👌👌👌



Instructor Testimonial

JK Equestrian are absolutely fantastic. The facilities there are superb and in such a lovely setting. Jennie is very friendly,  approachable and knowledgeable and is always there to help and guide you. I also have lessons with Jennie and we improve so much every lesson and has really helped me and my horseWouldn't recommend going anywhere else.



Livery Testimonial

We became a full livery by accident!  My daughter's horse went to JK Equestrian for schooling livery when we first bought him, as he had been out of work for a while and he was a big step up for her.  We had already been going to Jennie for regular lessons and we had come to trust her -she had given my daughter and I so much confidence.  Not long after arriving, Jennie offered us the opportunity to become a full livery and also bring my own horse.  Having Jennie's support 24/7, with it being a family business and the owners also being on-site, in beautiful peaceful surroundings with excellent facilities - the decision was easy!  That was nearly a year ago now, and we have never looked back!  We are treated like family and our horses are treated like their own.  5 stars *** With regular updates and photos when we are not able to visit, we feel safe in the knowledge that our boys have the best of care! 



Instructor Testimonial

The facility at JK Equestrian is fantastic - the surface is excellent, there is a vast variety of fences and there is always a very well built course out ready to jump. Jennie and her team are super knowledgeable and  experienced but best of all they are friendly and welcoming - nothing is ever a problem and Jennie is so understanding and goes above and beyond to help everyone she teaches achieve their goals



Instructor Testimonial

I have had the pleasure of visiting JK Equestrian a number of times, it is a superb venue. The team are always welcoming and supportive and Jennie is a great instructor, who manages to instill confidence in her pupils whilst keeping her sessions fun.

I would not hesitate in recommending JK Equestrian to anyone looking for tuition or to simply hire out their great facilities 



Instructor Testimonial

I couldn’t recommend Jennie Sharpe enough ! , I have never met such a dedicated coach who pushes her riders to their best ability. My daughter had lost her confidence with jumping and was only jumping cross poles and in just a short time she was jumping 80 cm . Without Jennie my daughter wouldn’t have found her love jumping . Jk equestrian is outstanding facilities and is like a five star hotel for horses . You can definitely trust everything and everyone there to look after your horse . And not to mention the school is just stunning especially all the colourful jumps



Instructor Testimonial

I met with Jennie at her fantastic venue (JK Equestrian) earlier this year whilst looking for new coaches & venues for our new Young Rider Academy. I was immediately struck with Jennie’s passion and enthusiasm, which are qualities I later witnessed during a coaching session she ran for our launch event. As a coach she is engaging, focussed and encouraging which are qualities often hard to come by in our sport & especially important when coaching teen riders, helping them to achieve their goals and build their confidence. 
We have also used her venue numerous times & will continue to do so in the future, as the arena is impeccably maintained, excellent value & the selection of jumps is unmatched in the area



Instructor Testimonial

Before Jennie, Sailor and I had pretty much hit rock bottom. My love for him was stronger than ever but I physically was struggling with the idea of ever riding him again due to my health and injuries. I hadn’t been able to ride for three years, as I physically couldn’t get on my 16.3hh Grey Unicorn. I was at an all-time low confidence wise and almost felt that 2020 was my last chance to prove my worthiness of my fabulous boy! Well Jennie was recommended to me by a friend. We both suffer from the same kind of issues with our backs and legs and that meant Jennie had empathy for me that I never found in any other instructor. We took things slow and steady, but she knows when to push me out of my comfort zone, and how to strengthen; building up slowly for the long term. All whilst helping my confidence grow from strength to strength.  I’ve gone from shaking like a leaf as I get on and ride round on a lunge line to being able to ride bareback again (which I never thought I would ever do again!!). I feel on top of the world again and it’s all down to the help from this lovely lady. In January 2020 I never imagined I would be heading to the end of the year enjoying riding again. Bareback and everything!! Thanks so much Jennie xx



Instructor Testimonial

Training at JK Equestrian is always a joy.   The setting for one, is stunning.  The huge, floodlit arena is set into the most beautiful landscape, which has such a calming effect on the rider.  There's nothing spooky to distract the horses either.  The Andrews Bowen surface is never waterlogged which means you can train all year round.  The stables are very generous in size and all offered with quality rubber matting. The horseshoe barn arrangement itself is of the highest quality and beautiful to look at.  With a designated hot water wash bay and solarium available, all of your requirements have been thought through to perfection. Lunge pen and horse walker too means your horse has a range of facilities to keep them fit and well. Jennie and her staff are amazing. They are caring, sensitive, friendly and professional at all times.  The welfare and happiness of your horses is most certainly their priority.  I've taken advantage of pole clinics, jump lessons and confidence clinics at JK Equestrian and thoroughly enjoyed all.  Jennie's encouragement, understanding and knowledge is amazing. It's always a pleasure to train with her and continue my positive journey with my horses


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